Alston Diamond Burs

Product Overview

Alston Diamond Burs are manufactured from our own highest quality steel shanks and natural diamond grit, to international specifications.  

This advanced manufacturing, using computer controlled precision engineering, ensures true concentricity and balance, minimising vibration and potential damage to handpiece bearings.

The Diamond plating of a Alston bur is carried out under strictly controlled conditions specific to the bur pattern involved. This process gives the highest strength and even distribution of diamond, resulting in a concentric, balanced bur with long lasting cutting ability.

The plating operation also ensures the diamond sharpness is maximised, and the burs maintain their high quality throughout multiple use, providing excellent value for money.

Alston burs cover a broad range of sizes and grits. There is a Alston Diamond Bur for every essential procedure, enabling you to purchase all of your requirements from one source.