Alston Metal Cutting Burs

Product Overview

Metal cutting Series

Designed with sharp tips, consistently sized teeth and strong concentric shanks, metal cutting burs cut more efficiently than straight fluted burs and smoother than regular cross cut burs.   They provide quick and efficient cutting through the toughest materials, including precious and non-precious castings, composites and amalgam.

With metal cutting burs, procedures can be completed faster with minimal effort so that less chair time is required. Unlike competitor instruments, Alston burs feature a stainless steel shank for added durability. In addition the head and neck are 100% carbide, offering both strength and corrosion resistance.

Metal cutting Turbo

Considered the ultimate in premium cutting technology, Metal Cutting Turbo has become a leader in its field with successful penetration into the US, European and Japanese markets.   The past year has seen this product diminish our competitors' market dominance and receive the US dental publication Dentistry Today's accolade of Top 100 Products 2006.

The secret of Metal Cutting Turbo's success lies in its subtle aggression: whilst its unique tooth geometry and flute design supply the cutting power necessary for metal/crown removal, the single piece construction provides unparalleled concentricity and therefore virtually eliminates the breakage, chatter and bounce that give metal cutting burs bad press.   As a result, we are proud to be credited with a Reality Publishing's Four Star Award for Metal Cutting Turbo.