Alston Gold Finishing Burs

Product Overview

Alston Gold Finishing Burs epitomise the technical expertise and modern engineering with which Alston has become associated. Combining the features of a stainless steel shank, carbide neck, fine grain carbide and tightly controlled tolerances, these precision instruments provide the perfect balance for trimming and finishing restorations.

A two year long process of detailed research and development has enabled Alston to establish the best form, size and blade angles for each instrument. The unique all over gold plating signifies their premium status as a world class product.

Trimming and Finishing 12-Bladed Bur

Provide the essential shapes required for the efficient finishing of composite, amalgam and enamel.

Esthetic Finishing 10/12-Bladed Bur

Ensure a controlled cut for a smoother finish. With a safe round-ended tip, trauma is reduced to the gingival and adjacent tooth structure maintaining patient comfort.

Fine Finishing 30-Bladed Bur

With 30 blades, removing less material per revolution, this is the ideal finishing bur prior to the use of any abrasive polishing instruments. These burs remove virtually all striations and also offer a less aggressive cut making them ideal for use on ceramics.